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I'm always blowing holes in the
crotches of my pants
the rest of em' are fine, it's just the
Am—————— Ebm
crotches of the pants
Other people wear holes in the knees
Other's jeans tear at the thighs
But mine all end-up-with-patches-on-the-crotch
and I think It's because of my bike.
—C——— G——————Am
I think it’s because of my bike
—>———G—————— C
I think it’s because of my bike

>———————G———F———— A—————G—C-G-F-A-G
That I am Always blowing holes in the crotches of my pants
Even pairs that were seemingly built and made to last
But-I-don’t-throw those tattered crotchless britches in the trash.
I just cover-up the draft with a crafty denim patch.
And I'll keep on riding.
As the the cars keep multiplying.
Some of them like to slam on the gas as they're passin’ by me
And I'll try to hold my breath sometimes but the smog it gets inside me.
Still I seem to be aging a lil more slowly than the people speeding by me.

<beat outro>
And I am always blowing
holes in the crotches of my
pants I'll patch them
And keep on riding
Keep those tires rolling
Gotta keep on fighting
In those same old dirty crotchless
dirty crotchless pants


from Bike Punk, released May 5, 2017



all rights reserved


The Worst Generation Columbia, Missouri

Acoustic antifolkpunk / porch punk type sounds
FFO: Paul Baribeau, Chris Burrows, Captain Chaos

I'm just some rando who probably doesn't identify as human in the same way as most do. I'd put my name on these songs but I feel like they are about twice as honest and half as shy as I am able to be as a person so I'm a little uncomfortable with that.

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