Assumptions and Sweaty Balls

from by The Worst Generation

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Please Note:
[the symbol '>'= a repetition of the chord held over from the last verse, in this case Em]

———— Em————C

Sweating balls/ On a bike


In the middle of a snowstorm


Aren't you cold?/ People taunt


Like it's impossible to feel warm


Heated seats/ Puffy coats


Still they shiver/ just to keep warm


And-they're miserable & awkward


til their cars have heated up more


Aren't you cold? Theyscreamatme-




Sweating balls up On this bike. And my


hearts beating so fast now



The assumption/ that all humans


Experience the/ same sensation


The assumption/ that our bodies


Are all equally conditioned


They're assuming that they're Lifestyle


is a standard that I strive for


won't believe me when I say


I'm sweating balls Up in this snowstorm


They deny it say I'm lying, there's


no way Cause they know better


While I'm stripping off my gloves


and shredding open all my zippers

(Slow down)


Well I don't know/ if I make them


uncomfortable/ But I don't think


they want to see me as I see myself


Will they ever grow beyond


Such childish assumptions


Will they ever have empathy for anyone else?

(Speed up)


Or will they harden up their hearts And keep their ego in a shell


Always casting judgement on anything but themselves


Don't try to figure them out


Don't let em get you down


Just keep on doing what you love


And leave






from Bike Punk, released May 5, 2017



all rights reserved


The Worst Generation Columbia, Missouri

Acoustic antifolkpunk / porch punk type sounds
FFO: Paul Baribeau, Chris Burrows, Captain Chaos

I'm just some rando who probably doesn't identify as human in the same way as most do. I'd put my name on these songs but I feel like they are about twice as honest and half as shy as I am able to be as a person so I'm a little uncomfortable with that.

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